All about granite and others surface materials.

Uses of Igneous Rocks

Granite and similar rocks have large crystals of pink and white feldspar that give them an attractive appearance. These rocks are cut and polished and then used as facings for office buildings, banks, and other buildings.

The dark-colored igneous rock syenite is a popular material for kitchen countertops. Many people buy what they think are granite countertops. These countertops are actually made of syenite or other igneous rocks.

Durable igneous rocks such as basalt and diabase are quarried and crushed to various sizes. In addition to being strong, igneous rocks resist the damage of acid rain better than some other types of rocks. Crushed igneous rock is used as road ballast. A mile of new road requires more than 11,000 tons (10,000 metric tons) of crushed rock.

Finely crushed igneous rock is used in concrete and building cement. This rock is called aggregate.

Many gravestones are made of igneous rock.