All about granite and others surface materials.

What is granite?

Granite and other types of natural stones.

Granite is formed deep on the earth’s crust. It forms in liquid magma then cools and  solidifies.

 It is composed mainly of quartz. Its crystalline structure is one of the main points of natural stone beauty.

 It has been used in construction since primitive times in many countries, among others in Egypt and Rome.





It is commonly used in monuments and as flooring tiles in public and commercial buildings.


Granite rates a seven at Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness, passed only by Corundum, Topaz and Diamond.

Since is highly durable, scratch and heat resistant, it is an excellent material for kitchen countertops.


Marble is another natural stone that we fabricate. After years of heat and pressure it completely recrystallizes from limestone into a beautiful mosaic of fine minerals. While granite is formed deep in earth’s core, marble forms under the sea. It is valued for its beauty, strength and resistant to fire and erosion. Its low index allows every fraction of light to penetrate the stone surface, giving it soft and waxy appearance.

 For hundreds of years marble has been priced for its use in sculpting.




Since it is softer than other stones and more susceptible for scratching and staining, we suggest marble for projects in areas where there is less traffic, such as bathrooms.

However, with the proper maintenance marble will age gracefully in your kitchen.


Limestone is form of sedimentary rock.

They could contain organisms from centuries in the past. Its rustic look and organic quality are its biggest advantages.

Formed by layers of clay and sand, limestone sometimes contains organic remains. Many limestones exhibit different colors. Despite the fact that limestone may stain or scratch, its organic looks win over the maintenance requirements.

Onyx it is cryptocrystalline form of quartz. In other words, it is composed of superfine crystals. It is known for its beautiful bands of color that make this stone very visually appealing.

Onyx is a softer stone like marble and we suggest using it for the fireplace or bathroom.



Travertine is a relatively soft stone that is formed by the precipitation of carbonate materials from geothermal hot springs.

Travertine can be found all over the world, most commonly in the United States, Italy, China, Turkey, Croatia and Peru.

 It is often use as a building material even since ancient times, ranging from The Coliseum in Rome to The Getty Center in Los Angeles.



We recommend using travertine for fireplace surrounds and other decorative surfaces.


Quartzite – is a form of sandstone that converted through heating and pressure related to tectonic compression. It is an interesting stone because it’s very highly cemented and compact and extremely resistant to chemical weathering. For these reasons we suggest quartzite for kitchens and bathrooms, providing a modern look and lasting appeal.


Slate is typically used in outdoor applications.

 Finally, Caesarstone is an artificial stone contains 93% natural quartz. It offers the ultimate combination of form and function, allowing for a more diverse, durable, and practical countertop surfacing material.  It is stain, scratch and heat resistant and fits well in contemporary designs.

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